Reading 107fm

I challenged Robert and Fia, from Reading 107fm, to try out the wall at RCC. We did some training and then they raced each other! See what happened......

That day in June

When climbing goes wrong!

Should I write this? Will I share it and have it appear online? I don’t know! If you are reading this, then I guess I decided to go ahead. It does have the blessing of those involved,…

I’ve read many stories of incidents and accidents in the mountains and at the crag, some with amazingly fortunate outcomes. Some, sadly not. Stories of recovery and charting the return to a sport they still love. Accidents happen. Some may have been avoidable, whilst some were just really unlucky.  I have been involved in the care of a climber who suffered a bad fall in Froggatt some years ago, until Edale Mountain Rescue team and the helicopter could arrive. Wonderful people! I didn’t see the accident happen, and I didn’t know him. Working within various climbing wall settings, I have been the first aider dealing with breaks, dislocations and sprains.

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Blokfest (Round 4)

The Climbing Academy (TCA), Bristol

Saturday 17th January 2015Blokfest Round 4

Only a few weeks in to 2015, and Gaz Parry with his Blokfest team put together an exciting round 4 at The Climbing Academy, Bristol.

The Surrey Sports Park Performance Climbing Squad (and coaches!) had enjoyed a well earned break from the routine of training, or being trained, over the festive period. However, with sessions resuming in the first week of January, the focus was immediately on the upcoming BMC Youth Climbing Series, and Blokfest rounds to be held in January.

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