All About Me

I am happy to write that I once again live in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, having lived here until my early twenties.  I spent 25 years of my adult life in the southeast of England, but have returned home to embrace the mountains, sea, a better pace of life, and even the weather!

I have had a life-long interest in exercise, health and fitness, and thrive most when I am outdoors, self-sufficient and remote.   In addition to the regular fitness classes that I teach, my own exercise routine involves walking, running, mountain biking, rock climbing, multi-day backpacking and wild camping, and using the car as little as possible.  I have always had an active lifestyle, but it wasn’t until early in 2003 that I began to reshape my own future and sought to ensure that my future work would be immersed in what I loved to do recreationally myself.    

When being active is a way of life and exercise is incorporated into your daily routine, the health benefits are too many to mention! I understand this more acutely now and want to continue to ‘age well’.  Much of my work now involves encouraging others to strive for the same.  Already an experienced Level 3 Personal Trainer, I opted to further specialise and successfully completed my Level 3 Award in Exercise Considerations for Older Adults. 

For several years, I enjoyed defending the female veteran climbing category in local and regional climbing competitions, as well as entering running races.  I have since stopped competitive climbing but enjoy coaching others to improve their technique.  My combined skills of being a climbing coach and a personal trainer mean that I can use this expertise to meet the needs of my climbing clients, before (for general conditioning and injury prevention), during and after climbing. 

I also enjoy the challenge of reviving neglected climbing walls and introducing climbing clubs and instruction to enthusiastic young people.

My clients are diverse and from a variety of backgrounds and fitness levels.  From young people to those excelling in their retirement years,..and everyone in between!  I pride myself on meeting the specific needs of each of them, providing continuity, flexibility and a sympathetic approach. 

Please look at my testimonials page and some of the comments that I have been very grateful to receive.  Whether you seek my services for personal training or climbing coaching, I hope this website helps to convey the essence of who I am and how I operate.

Thank you for reading.